Process evolved.

Connect with your jobsite. Make informed decisions. Prevent blockers and delays.
We visually capture and communicate construction job progress to keep your office team and crew on the same page, enabling peak performance.

Save Money & Time.

Rethinking collaborative analysis using virtual information exchange and project photo assets.

Korbis harnesses the power of digital platforms to help our clients optimize processes and connect with their teams on an elevated scale. What could you do with an extra hour in your day?


img Construction Process
Consultation and Optimization

Optimizing resources and managing risks while applying decades of concrete construction expertise.
  • Analyzing the current state of your project with expert network support
  • Monitoring risks and coordinating responses to accelerate delivery
  • Advising on solutions for cost/schedule optimization
img Project Documentation
via Photo and Video

Collecting project assets for real time access, retrospective analysis, marketing materials, specifications compliance, and risk management.
  • Timestamped drone photography
  • Macro on-site photography
  • Livestream video to connect you to your projects in real time
img Virtual Team Integration

Evolving the way you connect with your daily challenges by strengthening your team's virtual skills.
  • Consultation to understand the needs and goals of your business
  • Training your talent on execution of specialist tasks virtually
  • Korbis-developed KVT™ training to guide your team to success
img Virtual Expert Importation

Eliminating geographical limitations to receiving expert input on your project delivery.
  • Solving problems as they arise with readily available expert support
  • Connecting your team with our growing expert database
  • On-demand expert check-ins to review risks before they escalate

Our Process

At Korbis, communication is key, and our process is designed to ensure we understand your needs before we deliver our services, starting with an initial consultation to align on your goals.

Step 1   Initial Consultation and Project Risk Review

Step 2   Risk Response and Project Documentation Planning

Step 3   Implementation

Step 4   Reevaluate Action Items

Case Studies

Skating Rink
Installing a 6110 SF concrete skating rink in 36 hours by 8 men.

Construction Optimization
Project Documentation via Photo and Video
Virtual Team Integration

Skating Rink

6110 SF concrete skating rink was installed in 36 hours by 8 men.

This project began behind schedule due to a late survey. Korbis faced the challenge of reorganizing the crew and schedule in coordination with North Dakota weather obstacles to buy back lost time.

In addition to preceding scheduling delays, another major challenge was limitations within the local concrete service. The project distance from the plant and lack of available trucks meant that the pours would need to be coordinated perfectly to ensure no delays ensued from potential lapse in service.

These barriers could have had a major impact on the project completion timeline, but with implementation of strategic problem-solving, the crew was able to make up 80% of lost time, minimizing all foreshadowed delays.

Valley Gutter
Optimizing a 200 hour job to a 90 hour job.

Construction Optimization
Project Documentation via Photo and Video
Virtual Team Integration

Valley Gutter

A 2800 SF concrete valley gutter was installed in 10 hours with nine men.

The original project plan allotted 3 days to pour the valley gutter. After analysis, the Korbis team determined that the pour schedule could be greatly reduced by optimizing the way forms were distributed and rearranging the rebar assembly line.

With a realistic but ambitious approach to process and scheduling, the crew was able to place 700' of steel form, several tons of rebar and pour 64 yards of concrete in 90 labor hours.

110 labor hours were saved, increasing profit margins and putting the client ahead of schedule.

Car Dealership
Facilitating the owner's goal of self-performing concrete to reduce project costs.

Construction Optimization
Project Documentation via Photo and Video
Virtual Team Integration
Virtual Expert Importation

Car Dealership

Korbis facilitated the dealership owner's goal of self-performing their own concrete to reduce project costs.

Project progress was monitored using virtual communication technology and virtual assistance. The Korbis team provided expert guidance and problem solving as challenges arose. Korbis also assisted with subcontractor communication and schedule management.

General contractors had pushed the concrete completion date to Spring 2019, but with Korbis assistance, the owner was able to complete all concrete before December 2018.

Korbis Works With

General Contractors
Manage project risks and have documentation in your corner for inspections. Maintain clear communication between your office team and on-site staff, keeping all parties synced on project progress and plans.
Owners / Investors
Protect your investments and stay current on project timelines.
Document performance and execution within your specialized skill sets and easily provide updates to your crew.
Review your recent work and provide necessary notifications to your team. Reduce confusion in the field with on-demand access to updated schedules and blueprints.
External Experts
Access up-to-date documentation to provide expert consultation services from the comfort of your home or office.
Engineers / Architects
Validate site plans and verify alignment between site work and blueprints. Confidently answer questions based on project visuals and data.

Our Team

Devin Hunter
Principal Consultant
The visionary behind the concept. A self-made expert living in 2040.
Loren Keltz
Lead Consultant
Branding enthusiast. Virtual organization expert. Appreciates a good spreadsheet.
Harrison Foltz
Aerial Photographer/Videographer
Professional observer and content creator. Captures the process from behind the lens.

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  • Maximize your return on years of hard-earned experience
  • Exclusive networking opportunities
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